The Artist known as TAZZ has been tattooing since 1998, and is the co-owner of AZTLAN TATTOOS located in the Sunset part of Brooklyn. With 12 years’ experience, his portfolio displays a vast diversity of his exceptional talent: the subtle shading of black & gray work, phenomenal colored pieces and his preference of large and demonic tattoos, tribal, Celtic, precise lettering, and amazing cover-ups. TAZZ creates pieces that are beyond the unique styles of any tattoo artist.

TAZZ: “…the tattoo industry is filled with talented artist that allow there personal and interpersonal ideas come to life. There has been a drive to be the best which led me to work with the most talented artists in the Brooklyn sunset area that have landed my partial ownership of a great shop with talented and family oriented people. Here at AZTLAN TATTOOS I can showcase my talents and provide a vast knowledge to those who are willing to learn the art, which inspires me to be the man only known as TAZZ”.

AZTLAN TATTOOS: located at 472 49th Street, Brooklyn NY 11232, shows the neighborhood a sense of style which coincides to the mixture of and diversity of the Sunset part of Brooklyn.